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“Agape Self Love” by Rosario Weston

Rosario Weston

Agape Self-Love by Rosario Weston | Acrylic on canvas
2419 W. Colorado Avenue

I am a new American who came to the United States from Chile at age 10. As a young adult I was a single mother of three boys who solely provided for my family.  During those years it was not possible to develop my artistic voice in painting or sculpture as my chosen storytelling voice. Then, last year, 2020, the year of the COVID-19 global pandemic, I not only quarantined, but also painted and reflected on the visual stories I wanted to capture on canvas.  Agape Self-Love is a painting that evolved from this reflection.
This painting is inspired by nature, people doing what comes naturally to them, and American contemporary culture. How all these interact with one another are all very important influential topics to me. I have had the opportunity to live & work in different countries. My global experience has allowed me to absorb a collection of color palettes, textures and compositional styles, all of which make their way into my canvases and sculptures. Recent significant painful social events around the globe point to the importance of universal understanding of love, acceptance, kindness and respect for one another.  I believe that these originate in the mindsets of each individual no matter where born or raised.  I also believe that these grow within the individual, finding their way to becoming integral elements of communities. 

The visual statement that my painting “Agape Self-Love” is making starts with the definition of “Agape” which is a Greco- Christian term referring to unconditional love, “the highest form of love and charity” and perhaps ” the type of love God has for man and man has for God.”  So, if an individual, any individual has this type of love for oneself, the outcome per the visual message of the painting is something brilliant, wonderful, positive, colorful, joyful that will evolve and flourish from the mind of the individual.

Agape Self Love