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I Am Somebody by Jeresneyka Rose | Digital illustration
Manitou Art Center 515 Manitou Ave. 80829

Jeresneyka (Jeh-Reh-Snay-Kah) Rose, known as Rizzo, is a self-taught visual artist and community advocate who originates from Brooklyn, New York. The first-generation American was raised in Southeast Colorado Springs, Colorado. Amongst the plethora of inspiration in the world, she primarily draws inspiration from her Panamanian heritage, sexuality, pop-culture, community, and environmental influences. Her mediums of choice are acrylic paint and digital art.

Says Jeresneyka Rose, “I am interested in this project because it struck me as a showcase of Black excellence. It is important to have visuals showing how original and talented Black creatives are, especially in our own backyard. My goal as an artist is always to create works that speak to my lived experience. These art pieces were created to inspire and vocalize important messages in hopes that people can relate to them.”