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Cheryce Livingston

Joy Comes in the Morning by Cheryce Livingston | Digital illustration
Colorado Peak Real Estate (2501 W Colorado Ave #110)

Cheryce Livingston is a self-taught artist who was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. As a U.S. Army wife, she traveled with her husband and two daughters to Colorado Springs, where she and her family decided to stay after her husband separated from active duty. Throughout the years, Cheryce’s interactions with her husband and daughters gained interest amongst her friends on social media. Due to the growing demands to showcase her family life, she created her open diary webcomic series called ‘My Sketchy Life’ and posts weekly updates on Facebook and Instagram. Her current weapons of choice are pencil sketches and digital art.

Joy Comes in the Morning is inspired by the Harriet Tubman mural in Cambridge, Maryland, which went viral in 2019. Cheryce enjoys how the mural encourages onlookers to take Harriet’s hand and allow her to lead them to freedom. At this time of uncertainty, as people are bound by this pandemic and joblessness, many are in search of someone to save them from their hardships. Psalms 30:5 says that joy comes with the morning. This piece is a depiction of joy as a winged superhero, reaching her hand out to lead all people to freedom.