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Brittney Lantzer McDonald

Space Cadet by Brittney McDonald-Lantzer | Digitally-enhanced freehand drawing
Nova West | 2521 W. Colorado Ave. 80904

When speaking with people about various topics that Black folks are into, many don’t see us as individuals with our own thoughts and likes, but more like a collective hive mind, something akin to the Borg from Star Trek. In my experience, it feels as if you are Black and enjoy something like animé, comics, video games, etc. that isn’t “Black enough,” you are judged and shamed for enjoying the media that speaks to you. The existence of this piece is simple; I love space, anime, future funk, and art. So I rolled all of that up in the Space Cadet. I hope that this inspires other people, especially people of color, to nourish creating and loving what you love as long as it isn’t hurting others.