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Springs Art and Seek on the Circuit

Coming October 5, 2024 on the Avenue Creative Circuit

What’s Springs Art and Seek?

The entire community is invited to join in the fun by creating a piece of art to hide, or by searching for the hidden art. Or both! The event will be managed virtually by the Springs Art and Seek Society. Details will be provided to participants online on the Society’s Instagram #springsartandseek and Facebook page (Springs Art and Seek Society). Please follow @springsartandseek for details and the official countdown.

Once the clues are posted, the searchers can start looking! Searchers should be sure to follow the #springsartandseek to see clues. Once a piece of artwork is found, the finder posts a picture of what they found, tagging both the artist and #springsartandseek; @springsartandseek. The finder gets to keep the artwork! For questions or additional information, please email We do recommend that minors are accompanied by an adult..

Artists will post progress pics on social media and tag #springsartandseek & @springsartandseek with what they are making prior to September 9th, so the creations can be shared with all the participants who should also follow #springsartandseek. 

On the day of the event, the artists will hide the creations and post clues and add the hashtag #springsartandseek so the searchers can start looking. Clues can be photos of the artwork in situ, or verbal clues. We ask that you hide work on public property only and please do not hide artwork in nature preserves or along forest trails. We do ask that artists label their work with their instagram handle and #springsartandseek.  Please mind your materials and love the environment! At the end of the day, we ask that artists retrieve any unclaimed artwork.

In late 2020, three friends (Sarah Raban, Steffany Butts-Boucher, and Deborah Schoen) got together to form the Springs Art and Seek Society in Colorado Springs. The society had an idea for something fun to do during the pandemic and they wanted to add a new event to celebrate art month during October.

According to society co-founder Sarah Raban, the team decided to put on an art-related scavenger hunt. The three came up with a date and then started advertising for it by making post cards and posting on social media.