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“It’s a Wonderful Day” by Kevin Johnson

Looking for a Better Day by Kevin Johnson | Mixed media
Hilton Garden Inn (125 N. Cascade Ave.)

My name is Kevin Johnson. I’m a traditional and digital artist and retired Army vet. I love creating art that shows the beauty and positivity in us all. A lot of my images come from my life experiences and imagination. I remember images from my childhood while growing up in Louisville, KY; my friends and family members give me inspiration for some of my paintings. I love using bright colors and painting images of people and how they move through life — it’s amazing to me how we can change from day to day. It doesn’t matter if I paint realism or images from my imagination, I just love to see what evolves.

While I was in the military I deployed to Iraq three times, Afghanistan after 9/11, and lived in Germany for four years. Those experiences throughout my military career made me appreciate life and people of different cultures even more. With the strong support of my wife, I paint images of positive figures. I love to paint images that can make everyone feel good. I primarily work in acrylic paint, but I love to dive into oil paint from time to time, which gives me the freedom to blend and move paint at will.

It's a wonderful day