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Of Myths and Legend by Joshua Williams | Original work of sculpture photographed and digitally enhanced by the artist
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I am inspired by being around and creating with other artists. I love to see what they are working on and I enjoy the fellowship and comradery. When I create, I try to capture the essence of my subject and allow the viewer to experience that subject in a medium they might not have seen before. 

This image is a photo of my largest work, a tree standing about seven feet tall. I received a large amount of thick wire from a job site where they pulled the wrong kind of wire through pipes and had to pull it out. They couldn’t use it so I was allowed to take it. I brought it to Hillside Garden Center where they have a lot of sculptures, which is where it resides today. These photos were created using a long exposure and using light to create streaks and a glowing effect. In one of them there is a butterfly that I sculpted perched in the branches.